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Embracing Humanity, Crafting Dreams


My journey began at five, sparked by a book about Buddha from my aunt Kalyani. It ignited a lifelong quest: "What is life's purpose in the face of mortality?"

The quest by the question!


This question propelled me from a small southern Indian village to global stages.


Despite economic challenges, my family's unwavering support fueled my ambition to elevate our circumstances.

Engineering at Anna University paved the way to Infosys, where I guided companies worldwide on vision, goals, people, and technology, leaving a trail of satisfied clients.

Artistic Interests!

Art has been my steadfast companion since childhood.


Whether through writing, speaking, or acting, creativity has flourished alongside my corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors in the US.


The profound depths of Tamil literature continue to inspire my exploration of the human spirit.

A Vision Unveiled


My global experiences and connections have crystallized a vital truth: HUMANITY is the cornerstone of all achievement.


Heartfulness Meditation, introduced by its founder and global guides, has been instrumental in addressing my fundamental questions about purpose.

From this rich tapestry of experiences, "Feel Good Films" was born – a platform dedicated to sharing quality films and music that uplift and inspire.

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I'm deeply grateful for my talented friends and partners who share in my creative ventures. My family and spiritual guides form the bedrock of my existence, shaping a life of cooperation, inspiration, and collective growth – with love at its core.

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